Wandering Wunkers


Today I went into the bazaar with our friend Holly (who is sadly leaving in a fortnight as her student teaching is over). She and I stopped at Golden Restaurant for lunch so she could grab a bite to eat, and we had an interesting afternoon interlude. A baby rhesus macaque was playing and fell down onto the ground, and couldn’t quite shimmy back up under its own power. Naturally this drew… Read More

Today was more errands, and success! in a few things. We picked up a small electric heater, since we will certainly need one in the new residence; I think I can conservatively say it is twice the size of our current residence, including having a second bedroom and a large kitchen, a dining/living area also about the size of our current bedroom & living room combined. We have asked the staff member… Read More

Adam and I went down through the bazaars again; got the hot water bottle, a larger frying pan, some containers for our dry goods, and placed another grocery order. Pillows will be ready tomorrow or Friday (sigh), so either Friday afternoon or Saturday we’ll go in and pick those up, and place an order for a duvet cover. We did have a couple interesting moments — because we went in midday on… Read More