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What a few weeks it’s been… construction going on outside our house to ensure the rest of the pushta (wall) doesn’t go, starting my ESL tutoring again, doing prep work for the crazy that will be this term after I start language school up at Landour, locating a rat’s entry method – and then having to get maintenance in to block one way while we blocked another,  catching up on all of… Read More

The past week at Woodstock has been… eventful, and this coming week promises equal excitement, but hopefully of a more positive nature. A (now former) staff spouse posted something somewhat incendiary on a blog as the spouse and family were preparing for an early departure, and it consumed the school in gossip and – unfortunately – incited some students to internet trolling. It’s caused a large number of hurt feelings for various… Read More

Almost. Not quite yet, though. Adam and I have been settling back in – doing dishes, writing up thank-you cards to be mailed, and getting Christmas packed back down. Well… we unplugged the lights for the tree, but haven’t picked its rest-of-year home yet. That counts, right? The weather has broken for a nice warm spell – we came back to snow and sleet, and learned it had been doing that for… Read More

Thursday afternoon I received an invitation for a half-day trip: going to the Tibetan Home Schools (set up in the ’60s for Tibetan orphans after the Chinese invasion of Tibet, and now for destitute Tibetans, orphans, and refugees) for their sports day. I dressed up in my Tibetan outfit, and off we went. The school is in Happy Valley (a Tibetan enclave), and we were there for the opening ceremonies, and then… Read More

Today was Woodstock’s senior class graduation ceremony for the 2011 batch. The class’ name is Luminescence, and their colours are white, black and a teal-ish sort of blue. They also have a symbol of a phoenix – I rather like the graphic. Adam taught a number of them (albeit not a significant majority) in his English classes this year. I was really impressed by the students during the ceremony for a variety… Read More

  #EDITED: Updated 01 June at 08:25 with changes. #EDITED: Updated 25 May at 13:54 with changes. #EDITED: Updated 9 May at 15:06 with changes. #EDITED: Updated 5 May at 21:55 with changes. So — Woodstock is hiring, and a number of positions at that. Here are links to the webpages listing the positions, and a bullet point list of what they are, as of 10:38am on May 1st: Administration Vacancies Finance… Read More

We have two types of primate here: macaques and langurs (specifically, rhesus and grey langur/Hanuman langur). They’re बंदरों in Hindi – monkeys! Rhesus are prone to being more aggressive, and people have made me hyperaware of them, and – I think – hyperafraid of them just be speaking about the issues that the rhesus have, and the way they will interact with humans, and specifically females. I’ve been told “carry a catapult… Read More

Last night Adam and I had dinner with some of the kids at Edge Hill (the junior school dorm), and they asked if we were married. After hearing a response in the affirmative, the follow-up question was: “Was it a love match or an arranged marriage?” When we said “love match”, they were boggled — evidently love match equals “elope”. They were even more boggled that our parents supported it.  

Yesterday was a मेला (mela), or fair, on campus. There were some organizations there who are run by or who support minority/disadvantaged groups – KKM Colony, which is a leper colony known for their soft furnishings/fabrics (and from whom I bought a purple and orange shawl/scarf), Himalayan Weavers (a group of women who produce fair trade woollen & silk textiles, using natural dyes, who are dedicated to fair trade & some of… Read More