Wandering Wunkers


Yarns Untangled This shop in Kensington Market is where Lettuce Knit used to be, and features a lot of Canadian indie dyers. Under new ownership it has a significantly different selection than it did previously, though is a solid shop with a good amount of variety and an incredibly convivial atmosphere. Like The Knit Cafe, you won’t find a large selection of workhorse yarns, but the focus on Canadian dyers means it’s… Read More

Since I have to do this, every time we’re back… Yarn stores have popped up and disappeared over the years while we’ve been here-and-gone, and this trip we stopped at several. The Knit Cafe This little shop is on Roncesvalles on the far west end of Queen; you can hop a street car and cruise from one end of Queen to the other, getting off at all the yarn stores along the… Read More

This series is dedicated to Meg and Matt Brodie, and Matt’s perpetual love of momos.  On this trip, we stopped at Clocktower and Little Llama. We are hoping to visit a number of other places with momos – but decided, on a walk through the bazaar one day, that these two would be excellent starts.   From Clocktower Cafe, we ordered three different types of momos, all steamed: vegetarian, chicken, and a new “Schezwan Tossed Chicken”… Read More

So You Want To Move To Woodstock, Part IV: General Supply   India has a surprising ability: you can find almost anything, for a price. However, sometimes those things you cannot find cannot be bought for love, money, or anything else. Here’s a list of things Adam and I strongly encourage people to bring over – and notes on what our usual “resupply list” is when we go back West.   Flannel… Read More

It’s not uncommon to pick up a piece of kitchen equipment and see “made in India” on it. Unfortunately for anyone living in India, it’s highly likely these things are for export only – and that means that either you have to pay import taxes to buy it from somewhere else and bring it back to the land of its manufacture, you have to bring it with you from your home country,… Read More

As we look forward to celebrating our fifth year anniversary at Woodstock this coming November, Adam and I put our heads together to come up with a series: So You Want To Move To Woodstock? This will be some of our tips and tricks for life here, and we think our friends and family will find some of this interesting! Winter has finally left us here in Mussoorie, and with that, Adam… Read More