Wandering Wunkers


We are uncluttering. Decluttering, minimalis/zing – whatever you want to call it. We’ve been able to come up with a few categories for this clutter: Duplicate items we didn’t realise we had because we had lost the first (usually in another pile of clutter), or duplicate items where we bought a “just in case” backup and never needed it. Things we were conditioned to keep “just in case” and rarely (or never)… Read More

Adam and I started out life (and to a degree, still!) as packrats and as people who like to buy things because we like them. Since moving overseas, we’ve learned we have to function differently – because we’re adults, because we live internationally (and intend to continue our international lifestyle), and especially now because we have a child. Initially Adam’s Woodstock salary was a challenge to live on for two people; since… Read More