Wandering Wunkers


Having recently had a home leave back west, here’s an idea of the things we brought back with us (and are, generally, what are on our ‘restock’ lists when we do come back). Adam said that he thinks – out of all of our home leaves/trips – this is the happiest he’s been with what we brought back. We frequently find we are maxed out on weight before we are on space,… Read More

So You Want To Move To Woodstock, Part IV: General Supply   India has a surprising ability: you can find almost anything, for a price. However, sometimes those things you cannot find cannot be bought for love, money, or anything else. Here’s a list of things Adam and I strongly encourage people to bring over – and notes on what our usual “resupply list” is when we go back West.   Flannel… Read More

It’s not uncommon to pick up a piece of kitchen equipment and see “made in India” on it. Unfortunately for anyone living in India, it’s highly likely these things are for export only – and that means that either you have to pay import taxes to buy it from somewhere else and bring it back to the land of its manufacture, you have to bring it with you from your home country,… Read More

As we look forward to celebrating our fifth year anniversary at Woodstock this coming November, Adam and I put our heads together to come up with a series: So You Want To Move To Woodstock? This will be some of our tips and tricks for life here, and we think our friends and family will find some of this interesting! Winter has finally left us here in Mussoorie, and with that, Adam… Read More