Wandering Wunkers


We started out taking the Metro (how I love the metro!) down to the JLN Stadium station, and walked from there through the back alleys nearby, to get to Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Dargah. It was an interesting sight; you have to cover your head (men and women alike), and women are not permitted inside the tomb area itself. It was interesting, but a bit of a depressing sight as well, because throughout the… Read More

We arrived in Delhi on the 30th September, and crashed in our hotel room. If you’re good with budget and not-the-fanciest, RAK International (just off the main bazaar in Paharganj) is great for the price, quality, and what a budge hotel should be. Clean sheets, clean rooms, AC if you ask for an AC room (otherwise ceiling fans), and just off the main bazaar so a little quieter than some other options…. Read More