Wandering Wunkers


I had a really nice, photo-filled, post saved… and then my laptop got tea’d, and we’re evaluating if we can afford to repair it  now or if we’ll be waiting til June or later to pick me up a new laptop. I’m working with my Asus EEE netbook (5 years and still going strong!) for the foreseeable future. We spent 21 days traveling through South India, with no more than 2 nights… Read More

Caves… Elephanta Caves, Ellora Caves, Ajanta Caves. Adam and I had envisaged something like this, some sort of natural cave that was then added to by the priests or followers or whomever, making the caves notable and exciting. Ling Bua Cave Instead, they were more like this: Adam and I agree that calling them “caves” leaves us with certain impressions and we think it’s a bit of a misnomer, but we’re not… Read More

Life has been… crazy. That’s a good word for it – crazy. We’ve been up hill and down dale with travel over the summer, and then in November with the appearance of a tiny human in our lives. So – here are 13 photos that sum up 2013 for us, starting with June and the graduation/departure of two students who adopted Adam and I, and ending with Adam and I – and… Read More

This semester has been terrible for blogging. Every week is something new! different! stressful! time-consuming! and leaves me with no drive, and Adam with no time whatsoever. I think over the winter holiday I may just write up a “schedule” of topics, if nothing else, to really keep updating for our friends at home, and the occasional visitor who finds us searching a variety of topics. 🙂 This winter – Canada and… Read More

Amazing. It’s hard to put the trip into words of any sort of substance that can properly capture the experience; so much happened in so little time, and yet it was three weeks. So there will likely be a string of posts in the future, or posts touching on aspects of the trip to try to cover it in its entirety. It all started with surprising everyone at the airport, and my… Read More

We started out taking the Metro (how I love the metro!) down to the JLN Stadium station, and walked from there through the back alleys nearby, to get to Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Dargah. It was an interesting sight; you have to cover your head (men and women alike), and women are not permitted inside the tomb area itself. It was interesting, but a bit of a depressing sight as well, because throughout the… Read More