Wandering Wunkers


We have been at Woodstock for five, nearly six years – and it’s time to bid Mussoorie farewell, and look for new options in different places around the world. Adam has filed his intent to not renew with Woodstock, and now we are in the process of exploring where we might want to go. With that in mind: we must now create our Woodstock bucket list. We have some ideas for what’s… Read More

  Sign up to not only perform a kathak routine, but participate in a Bollywood dance routine as well. Try a new recipe for the first time when you’re starving. Protip: dried rajmah daal (aka kidney beans) take more than 6-12 hours to rehydrate *and* cook down. I was trying to make refried beans with them, and… it went poorly. After soaking for 2 days, and having been cooked for 4+ hours,… Read More