Wandering Wunkers


It’s crazy to think that the term only started a few weeks ago, but it has already started to strike the chord of interminable days. The spring term is always a bit nuts at Woodstock because the last half of May and any day in June is exams and prep for graduation – which translates into February, March and April really being “teachable” months, May is exam prep until exams kick in… Read More

(grabbed directly from http://woodstockschool.in/Employment/) Looking for a job over here? Here’s an updated list of the new vacancies at Woodstock. If you’re interested in something like residence staff, you could always email HR – they might not have something listed now, but I know there’s at least one staffer in the dorms who they would like to replace. I believe things are in the Catch-22 of “if we list the position, they’ll know… Read More

As I did before, and hope to continue to do – these are the vacancies for 2012. One starts February 2012, and the remainder would start in July 2012. Please check out the website, and if you have any questions regarding any of the below positions, please let me know. ESL Teacher: (Start date: 1st February 2012) Librarian: The Woodstock School Librarian is responsible for the operation and management of the School’s… Read More

  #EDITED: Updated 01 June at 08:25 with changes. #EDITED: Updated 25 May at 13:54 with changes. #EDITED: Updated 9 May at 15:06 with changes. #EDITED: Updated 5 May at 21:55 with changes. So — Woodstock is hiring, and a number of positions at that. Here are links to the webpages listing the positions, and a bullet point list of what they are, as of 10:38am on May 1st: Administration Vacancies Finance… Read More