Wandering Wunkers


Indonesia and Singapore From Georgetown on Penang we headed to Indonesia – and very specifically, to an island called Palau Weh, Weh, or Sabang (depending on who you talk to). The island boasts Indonesia’s Kilometre Zero, the starting point for the road system (… despite being an isolated island with no bridges…), and was an invasion point by the Japanese in 1942. We went to Palau Weh at the recommendation of friends… Read More

We returned from three weeks in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to find Mussoorie in the midst of monsoon – one that has been, we’re told, fairly light and mostly raining in the nights rather than during the days. This is a grateful reprieve from the daytime rains we were expecting – but monsoon’s been here for less than a month, and isn’t due to recede until September-October, so we’re enjoying the sunshine… Read More

Leave it to Mussoorie: monsoon is moving slowly, and scheduled to start in early to mid-July, where we are… naturally, just as soon as we get back from our summer break! The realistic start of summer is March, here – but my brain still thinks of ‘summer break’ rather than ‘monsoon break’, which would be a more accurate term. This break is always a time of mixed emotions: no work for Adam… Read More

This semester has been terrible for blogging. Every week is something new! different! stressful! time-consuming! and leaves me with no drive, and Adam with no time whatsoever. I think over the winter holiday I may just write up a “schedule” of topics, if nothing else, to really keep updating for our friends at home, and the occasional visitor who finds us searching a variety of topics. 🙂 This winter – Canada and… Read More