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I tried to get these pictures at approximately the same time (between 8-10am), and from the same location,  on days where the weather is considered “good” (e.g. sunny/not rainy) versus taking pictures on days where it would be innately overcast. AQI 23 – Clean/Healthy – Green AQI 73 – Moderate – Yellow (this picture has some clouds, because hey, they happen in nice weather and aren’t just  pollution related.) AQI 144 –… Read More

3 weeks from now… we will be on a train to Delhi, where we have half a day to kill (probably with a friend – the student Adam and I have somewhat adopted as a daughter) until we head to IGI Airport and the Air France flight that will start to take us back to the US & Canada. We’ll be going first to Connecticut to see friends and family there, and then… Read More

For the past two nights we’ve had thunderstorms with hail that have woken Adam and I up, and subsequently we’ve slept terribly and it’s ruined our schedules (trying to catch that extra bit of missed sleep turns into oversleeping, etc). It’s put both of us in poor moods, and those beautiful days of almost-summer have vanished into the clouds – since it’s pretty much nothing but clouds up here anyway – and… Read More

The HR department is checking over our home leave travel arrangements now; it looks like we’ll be taking off and getting into New York City on the 21st of June, then departing from Toronto on the 20th of July. We’ll miss celebrating our two year wedding anniversary with friends and family in North America, but I’m really quite hoping we’ll be able to put something together (or have a 24-June-paperwork wedding anniversary… Read More

Almost. Not quite yet, though. Adam and I have been settling back in – doing dishes, writing up thank-you cards to be mailed, and getting Christmas packed back down. Well… we unplugged the lights for the tree, but haven’t picked its rest-of-year home yet. That counts, right? The weather has broken for a nice warm spell – we came back to snow and sleet, and learned it had been doing that for… Read More

Amazing. It’s hard to put the trip into words of any sort of substance that can properly capture the experience; so much happened in so little time, and yet it was three weeks. So there will likely be a string of posts in the future, or posts touching on aspects of the trip to try to cover it in its entirety. It all started with surprising everyone at the airport, and my… Read More

Day 1: Day of Unrest We made our way from Mussoorie down to Dehradun for – from what everyone could tell – was an on-time (or only marginally delayed) train departure. Scheduled to depart at 20:30, and the train was only to arrive at 19:10 – but that sort of delay is manageable. Adam and I settled down to wait, with about half an hour to kill, and the train… still not… Read More

Today Adam and I rang up the mail room to ask if we had any packages/mail that had come in; we’ve been waiting since mid-May for a box for me from the UK with a Hindi book in it. When we arrived at the mail room, as they said there was something for us, we were surprised to see not one, but two boxes. Lo and behold, there was a surprise from… Read More

It’s coming! It’s coming! Monsoon has begun its slow juggernaut-like crawl up India, having officially started on the 29th-30th of May in the south. Monsoon is critical in India – it’s the time some crops are planted, to ensure they have enough water; it’s also necessary for many of the major crops for commercial and subsistence farmers alike, to ensure they get what they need. This year, it’s been predicted to be… Read More

I keep hearing from people “It’s going to be cold!” The weather in Dehradun (2210 ft/650m above sea level): http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/42111.html Now… Mussoorie is about 2000m/6600ft above sea level, so I take into account snow – but Dehradun is looking at 50s-60s (Fahrenheit) through the winter. That’s… balmy. Mussoorie had REALLY best get cold – 32F and lower – for it to be “cold”. I’m apprehensive about packing cold-weather gear because of this…variance… Read More