Wandering Wunkers


We’ve made a fair bit of progress on our list! We had lunch at Madras Cafe with Diane, and Asha demanded chai afterwards. There were dosas all around, and an uttapam as well. We’ll miss the cheap, tasty dosa of Madras, and the jalebis and chai of the tea shop next dor.   Then – this past Saturday, we went up the mountain to Chardukaan (namely, Tip Top) with Tara. We settled… Read More

We have been at Woodstock for five, nearly six years – and it’s time to bid Mussoorie farewell, and look for new options in different places around the world. Adam has filed his intent to not renew with Woodstock, and now we are in the process of exploring where we might want to go. With that in mind: we must now create our Woodstock bucket list. We have some ideas for what’s… Read More

We are often stuck for where to go, or what to do, on our long weekends or quarter break. Here are a handful of ideas – some we’ve done, and some we’d like to! – for short trips from Mussoorie. These are all one week or shorter options. An asterisk next to one of the trips is one that we have done ourselves. Weekend Escapes (leave Friday after school, come back Sunday… Read More

The new semester has gone off with remarkably few hitches – I’ve been doing some volunteer work around campus, which means the wee one has gone off into daycare and is getting on splendidly with everyone there. Adam’s classes are mostly well-behaved, and both of our PASSAGE activities are going well. About our only complaint is that this year, he’s at school til 6pm or later Monday, Tuesday and Friday (and some… Read More

Leave it to Mussoorie: monsoon is moving slowly, and scheduled to start in early to mid-July, where we are… naturally, just as soon as we get back from our summer break! The realistic start of summer is March, here – but my brain still thinks of ‘summer break’ rather than ‘monsoon break’, which would be a more accurate term. This break is always a time of mixed emotions: no work for Adam… Read More

It’s not uncommon to pick up a piece of kitchen equipment and see “made in India” on it. Unfortunately for anyone living in India, it’s highly likely these things are for export only – and that means that either you have to pay import taxes to buy it from somewhere else and bring it back to the land of its manufacture, you have to bring it with you from your home country,… Read More

As we look forward to celebrating our fifth year anniversary at Woodstock this coming November, Adam and I put our heads together to come up with a series: So You Want To Move To Woodstock? This will be some of our tips and tricks for life here, and we think our friends and family will find some of this interesting! Winter has finally left us here in Mussoorie, and with that, Adam… Read More

Best laid plans, and all that — here, Adam and I had a goal of a post every two weeks for sure… and yet it’s been at least three weeks since our (my!) last post. He’s been working on some, but the school schedule and various other things – including lack of electricity, at points! – has set us all off-kilter. Quarter break starts on Tuesday after classes are finished for the… Read More

Life has been… crazy. That’s a good word for it – crazy. We’ve been up hill and down dale with travel over the summer, and then in November with the appearance of a tiny human in our lives. So – here are 13 photos that sum up 2013 for us, starting with June and the graduation/departure of two students who adopted Adam and I, and ending with Adam and I – and… Read More

It’s a good thing I always skip chapel. Otherwise, we wouldn’t’ve gotten home until at least 8:45-9:00pm – and this lovely fuse box probably would have smoked and burned like crazy all that time. Thankfully, I skipped (as I always do), and was home to call the main gate. Electrician came out and maintenance will replace everything tomorrow, as well as do a full check of all our wiring. While certainly exciting… Read More